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About Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You



Here at Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You we only collect the following information:
  • Whether IPv4 or IPv6 was used. (We do *NOT* store the IP address. Access via IPv4 is stored as "" and access via IPv6 is stored as "::2" in the nginx access log.)
  • Time stamp of access.
  • The resource accessed from this site.
  • The status code of the request to this site.
  • The size of the request sent by the server.
  • The referer.


This site has been made by Zeke Y, and is maintained by both Zeke Y and yano. yano also pays for the hosting and domain name for the site.
The code for this site uses the MIT license.

Want to contribute?

Please, feel free to make Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You better! The code is available on GitHub.